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Interesting Facts About Irish Plants

Interesting Facts About Irish Plants

With Herbal Scientist Tracey Ryan As fans of the Bia Collection, you understand and appreciate that our go...

How We’re Honoring World Oceans Day

How We’re Honoring World Oceans Day

Meet ‘The Ocean Day Every Day Set’ World Oceans Day takes place every June 8th to raise awareness and posit...

Celebrating Pride Month

Celebrating Pride Month

Our ‘give back’ to GLSEN   We believe hate has no place here—or anywhere else—so this year Codex Beauty La...

What is Biotech Beauty?

This new wave in beauty doesn’t play by the rules—it invents them.

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  • What is Data Washing?

    The importance of understanding Consumer Use Studies VS Clinical Data.

  • Seriously Sustainable

    We are committed to environmental and social stewardship. From using plant-based green polyethylene tubes to minimizing our carbon footprint to supporting a culture of fair labor.

  • Safety is a given

    Consumers have to take charge of their own health these days. Codex Beauty wants to make that process less daunting by being extremely transparent about what goes into our product.

Steph Shep On Living More Sustainably

Steph Shep On Living More Sustainably

Easy tips for living an eco-friendly life with the respected thought leader.
Why Our Beauty Efficacy Panel is So Right NOW

Why Our Beauty Efficacy Panel is So Right NOW

In the era of Skinmalism, transparency around performative skincare is paramount. Learn why we’re putting E...
Beauty That Bares All

Beauty That Bares All

Welcome to The Efficacy Panel. We’re not shy about putting product performance data on full display.

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Calm and Remedy Dry Skin

Work with your skin, not against it, to keep it soft and glowing this season.

Dry skin in winter seems to be unavoidable, especially if you already have a sensitive complexion. 

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  • Fresh Skin Trends For Spring

    ’Get The Look’ with these sustainable favourites

  • What is "Maskne"?

    In an effort to keep ourselves and loved ones safe, we must wear masks.  Unfortunately, safety comes at a cost when it comes to the skin on our face.

  • Beauty That Bares All

    Our core mission is to demonstrate that not only is quantitative data about all aspects of the products important for making progress in the beauty industry.

Fun Facts About Ireland, Where Bia Began

Fun Facts About Ireland, Where Bia Began

Saint Patrick is not actually Irish, fairy trees are considered sacred, and the fields are green for good r...
Woman taking a herbal bath with Codex Beauty clean skin care products

Secrets of Irish Herbal Baths

Healing herbal baths have been cherished for centuries, especially in Irish mythology. During the Battle of...
Colour From Nature, Not Artificial Dyes

Colour From Nature, Not Artificial Dyes

The subtle rainbow of colours you see in Codex Beauty’s product are from the plant extracts only.

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