4 Surprising Facts About Face Oils

Even in today’s world, where many of us are well-versed in skincare ingredients and rituals, certain myths and misconceptions persist about these botanical elixirs.
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Why Regulatory Experts Hold the Line on Product Safety

Regulatory bodies around the globe are going through a revolution, enacting restrictions or outright banning certain chemical ingredients. Find out who is looking out for...
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Secrets of Irish Herbal Baths

Healing herbal baths have been cherished for centuries, especially in Irish mythology. During the Battle of Moytura, wounded soldiers supposedly plunged into baths and came...
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Colour From Nature, Not Artificial Dyes

The subtle rainbow of colors you see in Codex Beauty’s product are from the plant extracts only. The beautiful range of pale colours you see...
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How to Patch Test and Rotate Codex Beauty Products

Patch testing is a simple and important—but often ignored!—step that could identify an allergy or irritation.  It’s tempting to slather on a new skincare product,...
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